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Foto|Biografi|Biodata Penyanyi Ganteng Vidi Aldiano

Vidi Aldiano Live Concert Photo
Vidi Aldiano Wallpaper
Vidi Aldiano Photo

Biography Vidi Aldiano:

Full Name: Oxavia Aldiano
Nickname: vidi or enough written Vd
Place / Date of Birth: Jakarta, March 29, 1990
Education: SMU Al-Azhar 1 (AlPus) graduated in 2008
Pelita Harapan University, major Electrical Engineering,
registered?in 2008

Achievements :
-1st Champion in the event 1ncredible Band Festival 2007
-Champion-in Elfa’s Music Studio Try Out
-Best Vocalist in 1incredible Band Festival 2007
-Best Vocalist at the Electric Band Festival 2005
-Top 100 Indonesian Idol 2006
-Favorite Champion JakStuff in 2007, with Suddenly September
-First Champion Alpus Pentasan 2006
-First Champion Pop Singer Al-Azhar Festival
-First Champion Nasyid Al-Azhar Festival

The music that followed:
-Java Jazz 2005
-1ncredible-Band Festival 2007
-National MTQ-2006
-Jakarta Fair 2008
-Jajan Jazz 2008
-Amway ’s Leadership Seminar
-Electric-SMP Al-Azhar Pejaten 2007
-Bali-Fashion Week 2007
-Party-Promo Night at Al-Azhar Pejaten 2008

Vidi like :
-Photography and love all things related image manipulation
-Setup to the computer that is called Computer Freak
-Any case-related gadgets

Fashion Statement by vidi:
Classy messy with favorite clothes output Zara, Top Men, Metrox

Vidi’s idol:
- Craig David. Because Craig David’s singing that even with the fast tempo but still ragtime
- Jason Mraz. Because his song is cool and so groove

Favorite places:
Brewww - Lounge Caf?, Kemang. In addition to be a fun place to hang out with friends, vidi also appear to be regular.

The ritual Before sing :
To the rest room and relaxation.

Earthquake in Padang is a deep sorrow for the singer Aldiano Vidi. Family homes there were destroyed because of the earthquake.

Vidi's bloody singer Padang. many families are still living in the Minang realm. SR 7.6 magnitude earthquake and devastating memporak-family homes.

Fortunately, no Vidi families who became victims. during Lebaran, his family just visited the Capital and has not returned.

"My family is all from Padang. I'm sad, but all survived. Lebaran Thankfully my family was in Jakarta yesterday, has not returned to Padang. So they survived all, just a house there on the damaged and can not be used again," says Vidi encountered in Jl. Wijaya I, No. 381 A, South Jakarta.

Seeing the disaster, pelantung 'Status False' that does not want to stay silent. He wanted to do something useful for the victims. He also has plans to create a fundraiser for the victims.

"In the near future, we'll be there (Padang) with a unity of people of Padang. Although not much help but I'll entertain. My position more entertaining. For I can make them smile aja udah grateful," she said.