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Sinetron Manohara

Behind the scene Sinetron Manohara

Upheaval not completely made by Manohara Odelia Pinot. After returning to Indonesia and confess tortured Prince of Kelantan, now she tell the to will play sinetron for a production house. truly fantastic fee, in gossip manohara reached Rp 2.5 M. Really?


Film production house called SinemArt-willing to pay a Rp 2.5 billion for the 25 main Manohara episode sinetron. That means, for one main episode sinetron, Manohara paid Rp 100 million. According to Aziz, Rp 2.5 billion to pay too big a Manohara. Usually it is the amount of production costs to make one sinetron.

Aziz be confirmed, until now SinemArt parties have not made any agreement with Manohara. However, not closed the possibility of home production of the film invites Manohara play sinetron.

A sinetron which dibintangi by Manohara Odelia Pinot will immediately displayed on a television station Indonesia. Who is the story of the move, will be describing the life and story of a real Manohara together when her husband Muhammad Fakhry.

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