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Foto & Video Pasha Cium Bibir Alyssa|Alissa|Alysa

A video recording which disclose the relationship Pasha 'Ungu' with Alyssa Star Group Soebandono received.

In the video be about 2.5 minutes, the intimate scenes look Pasha middle Alyssa kiss lips when they're eating in a restaurant, both of Japan, Jakarta-Pusat dibilangan two weekends back.

In fact, the gossip, if they have a special relationship that has been circulating since two weeks ago. However, both direct proximity to rebut if they work only for the purpose.

"Alyssa and I have no relationship whatsoever. We just are, for the sake vidio clip, "said Pasha dispute mare that.

Tweedledum and money with Pasha, Alyssa also confute himself together with the three childless widower. "My brother and Pasha are free. For only the clip, "Alysa strictly steady.

Seemingly want to prove that their relationship just a job, later appeared Purple video clip where Alyssa Soebandono be one of the models.

News about the relationship and Alyssa Pasha already become news in the media gossip in Indonesia of late. In the event launching the latest album "Ungu" is clearly visible proximity to them. Pasha that it was the first sing a song in front of the purple came close to the public directly and to give Alyssa a spray flower and smell the sweet Alisa. This direct hand in welcome by spectators.

Foto Pasha Cium Alyssa

Video Pasha Cium Bibir Alyssa