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Foto Hot Ciuman Gary Iskak-Poppy Gisela

Foto Hot Ciuman Gary Iskak-Poppy GiselaFoto Hot Ciuman Gary Iskak-Poppy Gisela

Photos kiss Gary Isaac and Poppy Gisella - news about the closeness between Gary Isaac with Poppy Gisella recent news spread and become warmer in various media. The news is now increasingly open to the circulation of pictures of Gary Isaac kisses with outstanding Poppy Gisella social networking facebook our site.

In it was clear Gary's left cheek was kissed by Poppy. Gary wore a black jacket, while Poppy Gary intimate kissing with a black shirt. Behind them both, see the picture clearly Poppy pictures on the walls of the house. The photo was estimated to occur when both were at Poppy's house. As for the event, estimated at Poppy's birthday on December 26, 2009. So far this story is written, there has been no official clarification can be obtained related to the circulation of pictures of Gary Isaac kisses with Poppy Gisella.

Poppy Gisela Biography:

Starting from the world of acting, Poppy Gisela entered the world of entertainment homeland. Stars born in Jakarta, December 26, 1986 was never played in several soap operas and television movie. RULES OF LOVE, STORY 3 STARS, MEN IN BOY is a soap opera that he star. Despite acting like the world, a student of Faculty of Law at the University of Trisakti, Jakarta has a hidden dream to pursue music scene.

In the life of an actress who has appeared in magazines Latest dared, have reportedly close to vocalist King, Ian KASELA. At that time, Poppy is considered as the 'mistress' Ian already has a wife and children. In early 2010, the name associated with Poppy returned home artist who had married, this time Gary Isaac's turn. Poppy rumored to have an affair with Garry is suing for divorce his wife Richa Novisha newly married couple of months. Poppy himself had denied this news and insisted they were just friends. But then circulated photographs Poppy and Gary, where photos taken in one social networking site, was Poppy gave Gary a peck on the cheek. It was said the photo was taken at Poppy's birthday on December 26, 2009.