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Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Singer fenomenal song "No pickaback" Surip champion (60), Tuesday at about 10:30 WIB died, in a trip to Hospital Health Education Center (Pusdikkes), Kramat Jati East Jakarta.

Information gathered ANTARA News says, RS Pusdikkes Arriving in Jakarta, beraliran Reggae singer Bob Marley style that does not tertolong again by the doctors who address them. Not yet known exactly what causes death Surip champion.

Surip leader has the full name Urip Ariyanto, born in Mojokerto, East Java, 5 May 1949 is the vocalist who later beraliran Reggae is very popular with his song titled "No pickaback".

Surip ever champion award winning record Museum World record Indonesia (MURI) to sing oldest category.

He never took a few film star and a few times also appear on television. Before becoming artists, champion Surip undergo a variety of professions. Start working in the field of oil drilling, diamond mines and even a man who has a degree Doktorandus, Engineering, MBA, and has venture abroad such as Canada, Texas, Jordan, and California.

But as fate feel less good, champion Surip try the fortune to go to Jakarta. He also joined with several community art as Teguh Karya, Aquila, Bulungan, and Taman Ismail Marzuki. At a time, determine the fate other. Surip champion have the opportunity to record and finally achieved success as now.

In the music, Surip champion has spent several music albums. Album rekamannya starting from 1997, of which, Ijo Royo-royo (1997), Indonesia I (1998), Reform (1998), pickaback Tak (2003) and New (2004). The song "No pickaback" itself reputedly created in 1983 when the champion Surip work in the United States.

Champion Surip widower who are leaving the four children and four grandchildren.