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Video Panas Shireen Sungkar Beredar

Jakarta, Video shireen Sungkar similar circulating in the virtual world. Fanny Bauty, shireen ibunda with the firm disputed the stars in the video is her son.

"Pas jauhlah we see ya. Is similar poninya only. Wild eyes, nose gede. Much of the same children," said Fanny to detikhot via ponselnya, Tuesday (26/5/2009).

foto panas shireen sungkar

Video shireen similar scene has been making the virtual world. Be in the video 3 minutes 8 seconds it appears a woman doing the intimate relationship with the opposite type.

"My child is no boyfriend, no career. Menghancurin Why he want with it so," said Fanny.

Fanny also do not want to prolong this issue. He feels there is no similarity at all between the artist in the video and their child Sexiest Video. Chat Shireen Sungkar more information?