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Foto|Biografi|Profil Dara & Mita the Virgin

The Virgin Band - Duo or The Virgin The Virgin is called the Band of the 2 beautiful girl named Dara and Mitha. Shown with hits, so I make Forbidden band under the management of the Republic of Love is the area known by Indonesians.
Here is a glimpse of the profile of the band The Virgin of Dara as vocal as the guitarist and Mitha.
Dara Rizki known Ruhiana start appearing in public during the event with a talkshows Mamamia Dara "Mamamia". Name Dara "Mamamia" and then changed after this sweet girl to join the Virgin The Band, and the name change becomes Dara "The Virgin". women eldest of the three pairs of brothers and Asep Ruhiat this Nunung Mardiana born in Tasikmalaya, on 9 August 1991. Dara Dara beautiful called "The Virgin" has a penchant pool, nyanyi morning and fled.

Mitha that many initially join the few Indie bands, starting in the known world music drawn by Indonesia since Ahmad Dhani The Rock formation in Indonesia.

Dara & Mita the VirginFoto Dara & Mita the Virgin

 Dara & Mita the VirginFoto Dara & Mita the Virgin

Foto Dara The virgin seksiFoto Seksi Dara the Virgin

Gossip about The Virgin Band :

One of the band that may follow the successful candidate is The Virgin Soldiers. Band origin of Surabaya is one frame with The Virgin in the album NEW Beginning 09. Consists of Adam (guitar vocal), Revelation (bass), and Ibut (drums). With the songs are Embun, The Moon
inviteed Mulan Jameela as a backing vocal.

"At first we introduce in with Dhani. From there we offer a demo of 17 songs. Feeling fit and we
given join in the RCM (Republik Cinta Management)," said Adam at The Rock Café (11 / 6).

Joined under the direction Dhani, according to them a kind of blessing. They can not ignore the capacity as a musician Dhani.

"For us, Dhani a genius musician," Ibut mixture. "Outside the controversy Dhani, must have positive and negative values, but we always respond with positive during the time we feel comfortable working with Dhani as a powerful musician," Revelation supplement.

The comfort of it is because the Moon can dhani give freedom to the moon in making music. "We try to keep your own. Dhani only lead us," Adam says.