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Foto Wajah Pelaku Bom JW Marriott-The Ritz Carlton

Police have to ensure that bomb at the hotel JW Marriott and The Ritz Carlton is a suicide bombing. The suicide bombing that killed ascertained. Now, the image of the suspected perpetrators of suicide bombing outstanding knowledgeable.

"Two of suicide bombing killed," said Pol Kapolri General Bambang Hendarso Danuri to journalists, Friday (17/7/2009).

Body of the second suicide bombing that destroyed dissolved. His head from his body apart. The head of the Ritz Carlton Hotel is broken, because the coconut shell head exfoliate. The face of bombs killed at Ritz Carlton is rather difficult to identify.

Meanwhile, the discount that is found in the Marriott Hotel is still intact. Images of the snippet that is found in the Marriott this is suspected of circulating via email and Blackberry Messenger. From the image, the face of the alleged perpetrator is very easy to recognize. What is a snippet of the photo is the bomb, not yet known. Police also have not launched.

Until now, police have not said clearly the identity of the second suicide bombing. However, already mentions head of Indonesian Police Department in initial N.

Detikcom information obtained, one of the actors called Nurdin Aziz. He is the Marriott hotel room in 1808. But who Nurdin Aziz and groups from which he, not clear.