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Berita Ananda Mikola dan Marcella Menikah??

After the same free from prison, Ananda Mikola and Marcella Zalianty Umroh with planning. Gossip Umroh than it, they will also be married. When Ananda oppugn confirmed. So where married?

"No consent is granted, in Mecca," said Ananda found time to celebrate after free from prison in the area and Sentul(the big circuit racing in Indonesia, West Java, Friday (3/7/2009).

Ananda be confirmed, until now, both himself and Marcella had never discussed the marriage. Although his father, Tinton Soeprapto already gave the blessing, Ananda is not a matter open would specials relationship with Marcella.

"What I want to marry me not my father. I can not reveal the problem," he said.

Simply flashback, the gossip love affair between Ananda and Marcella blow when both were involved with the case Agung Setyawan. In one hearing the case, Ananda was admitted Marcella as girlfriend.

Ananda Mikola dan Marcella