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Angelina Sondakh Politisi Wanita Terseksi Indonesia

Indonesian beauty woman gets world recognition. Evident with the inclusion of the name Angelina Sondakh as one of the most sexy women politicians in the world. Member House of Representatives (DPR) this was ranked 19, based on the results of polls (poll) online sites that are held online Spanish daily 20 minutos.

Online surveys that began in December 2008. 20 minutos memajang site photos of women politicians from around the world. Readers then choose which they beauties. Each comment and include the reason for the choice. From there, 65 candidates opted with the most votes.
Data last, dated 19 April, showed that women named Patricia Pingkan complete Angelina Sondakh it was ranked 19. Adjie Massaid wife was getting 40,576 votes.

In the list, Angie, who 2001 Putri Indonesia, is competing with Mara Carfagna, Italian member of parliament, which had become a topless model. Carfagna, who will act as the mother country assisting Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi at the G8 meeting in L'Aquila this weekend, sitting in position 3.

Other famous name is Alina Kabaeva that sits nicely in the position to-5. He is a former athlete exercises and Russia had become a women's savings digosipkan Vladimir Putin. Women 25 years has become one of the members of Russian parliament.

Surprising that readers of a daily 20 minutos apparently chose Yuri Fujikawa, a local member of parliament in Japan, as politicians tercantik world. Women 28 years of work to get 146,364 votes.

Fujikawa in Japan are very famous. He is considered 'too beautiful to be a politician'. Log In parliament since April 2007, Fujikawa had a jar of Hachinohe City as photo albums released in the form of a DVD. There he berfoto bikini in the dressing section.

Meanwhile, the second ranking member of the House of Representatives occupied Peru Luciana Leon. Represent Peru Aprista Party, Leon sat in parliament in 2006 - 2011. Together with his father, Romulo Leon, this beautiful woman suspected of bribe-related cases involved oil exploration in the Amazon forest by some foreign oil companies.

Pemilihnya praise a woman 30 years as the 'beauty of woman'. While others considered as the 'eighth wonder of the world to'. Polling is not only ask young politicians-politicians with a background model. But also the seasoned politicians and world famous as Hillary Clinton. Secretary of State and the former mother country is sitting in the U.S. to the ranking of the 48-voice revenue 23,123. He is also the oldest candidate in the age of 61 years.

In addition, the incoming President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, 56. Former mother country is also seasoned politicians. In the list of 20 minutos, Kirchner sat in the ranking of 33 and obtained 27,838 votes.

At below the famous people. Sarah palin is He who is in position 34 is selected and 27,631 votes. Women 44 years old this new step down as governor of the U.S. state of Alaska. But palin melejit time candidate to become vice president of the Republic of assisting Party John McCain on the U.S. presidential election in 2008.

Besides Angelina Sondakh and Yuri Fujikawa, Asia is also represented by Jiang Yu, 44, a member of China's parliament. And Malalay Joya, 31, from Afghanistan.

Angelina SondakhAngelina Sondakh with husband Adjie Massaid

Angelina SondakhAngelina Sondakh Indonesian beauty women politicians

Angelina SondakhAngelina Sondakh in 2001 Puteri Indonesia