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Berita Kasus Pemerkosaan Yang dialami Manohara sebelum menikah dengan sultan Fakhri.

Since free from her husband, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry, Manohara Odelia Pinot always smiling wide. Former model that looks very pretty, happy to appear on television when Indonesia. Forget the ordeal as he had in the natural.
But on Wednesday (3/6/2009), when appearing in the 'India News' Mano's quite different. Beautiful models who claim that her husband dianiya tear tear. Mano does not hold more power when the cry of rape was the natural.
This is the first time Mano crying in public. Previously, in a number of interviews on TV, Mano appear always cheerful with a smile Take in the face.
"I first been raped by Fakhry before marriage, I really new to talk now," said Manohara while crying.

In 'Seputar Indonesia', Manohara appear with his mother, Daisy Fajarina. News presenter was also to bring friendly Fakhry, M Soberi to respond to these statements manohata. Mano also explain how he can be vague story from Singapore. Mano and his mother at first tried reject words Soberi. Manohara can not say a word-at Soberi continue to snub him.
According Soberi, Manohara never claim to love and swear to be faithful son of the fourth wife of the Sultan of Kelantan. The television Soberi request to Mano for the opportunity to speak, but did not want to dwell Soberi.
Revilement get that, he was initially admitted Mano pity on Fakhry. Mano asserted between pity and love is different. Mano hate Fakhry treated as the poor. "He knows that I hate him, but he still does not want to hear," said Manohara.