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Cewek ABG - Ardina Rasti
Cewek ABG - Ardina Rasti
R.A. Ardina Rasti Widiani is a young actress who was born in Jakarta January 6th 1986. She star several movies, Virgin (2004), Me vs High Heels (2005), Terowongan Casablanca, Disini Ada Setan (2004), KM 14 (2007). She also star in several Indonesia “sinetron”, TV commercials, Video Clip and now she will release her debut album as he wrote at her personal website.

Ardina Rasti Complete Pictures and Photo

Ardina Rasti have a First debut on Virgin Movies and now she try to be a singers with the new albums Ardina Rasti picturesArdina Rasti picturesArdina Rasti gambar